Tech Nation 2017 called their third annual report the most comprehensive analysis of the UK Tech Ecosystem, a journey across the UK’s digital landscape that provides a data-rich analysis of Britain’s thriving digital economy and clusters.

In a foreword to the report Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister said;

“Today more than 1.5 million people are already working within the digital sector, or in digital tech roles across other sectors, while the number of digital tech jobs across the UK has grown at more than twice the rate of non-digital tech sectors. From analysts to web developers to software architects, these pioneers of our digital economy are at the forefront of a great British success story.”

“Britain already leads the world when it comes to new technology. We make more contactless payments than anywhere else and we help to lead the way in everything from FinTech to Artificial Intelligence. We are natural innovators, eager to incorporate the latest innovations into our lives.”

“As Prime Minister, I am determined that we will build on this success as we seize the opportunities that arise from leaving the EU and seek to build a bold new future for our country. That is why support for the digital tech sector is an important element of the government’s modern industrial strategy, helping to deliver a high-skilled, high paid Britain where opportunity is spread across every community, not just the traditional areas of London and the South East.”

“Through close co-operation between government and our tech industry we will help to ensure that Britain remains one of the most competitive places in the world to start and grow a tech business. We will expand the scope of our digital tech industries, funding Artificial Intelligence, robotics, 5G, smart energy and more. We will broaden their reach across the UK, create new Institutes of Technology, and reinvigorate STEM and digital education to equip young people for the workplaces of the future.

“In doing so, we will also take an important step in helping to build a future in which everyone – from every background and every part of the country – has the skills and support to reach their full potential.”

“Every entrepreneur, every innovator and every employer in the tech sector and beyond can play a huge part in this, helping to build a country that truly does work for everyone.”

The report has over 60 company case studies and highlights innovation right across the UK. It says that whilst London continues to be an international digital powerhouse, its ripples are increasingly spreading throughout every corner of the UK.

Using over a 1,000 data points the Tech Nation 2017 report gives the clearest indication yet that the UK possesses unrivalled digital tech specialisms.  The digital economy is growing twice as fast as the wider economy, with an economic output of close to £100 billion per year.

Tech Nation say the UK now has a tech industry that is the envy of Europe, a FinTech hub that is the envy of the world.

“That being said, it is critical that we future proof what we have achieved so far. The recently announced digital strategy from the UK government is already setting us on the right path. Tech is at a critical juncture and as we head into the future we must reassure founders, investors, international talent, and our home-grown digital work-force that the UK is and will remain the best place to start and scale world-class digital businesses.”