Tech Nation is a national network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs. Backed by the government, they aim to empower ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow faster through growth programmes, digital entrepreneurship skills, a visa scheme for exceptional talent, and by championing the UK’s digital sector through data, stories and media campaigns.

A new fintech programme was first unveiled as part of the government’s fintech sector strategy in March to help and mentor 20 early stage fintech startups.

The programme is aimed at company founders. Through a 24 hour induction, a series of in depth learning sessions, networking events and a three day international showcase trip, the 20 startups will become part of the very first tech nation fintech cohort.

They will have access to Insight sessions to be delivered by some of the most established fin tech entrepreneurs, investors and partners who will cover topics such as regulation, partnering with banks and expanding internationally.

Tech nation promises to give them intensive backing to grow their businesses and the country’s technology ecosystem.

Over five months, firms will get coaching sessions around the UK and access to field experts before making a networking trip to the US to meet potential investors and partners.

The 20 firms picked to join the first cohort work in areas such as payments, financial inclusion, regtech, AI, SME financing, Open Banking, and cryptocurrencies.

Tech UK is stressing the regional variety, with a third of participants from outside of London, headquartered in places like Norwich, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Manchester. Some 40% of the 20 also have female founders or co-founders.

Eileen Burbidge, chair, Tech Nation and HM Treasury’s special envoy for fintech, says: “The UK is an acknowledged world leader in fintech but having this programme, endorsed by HM Treasury, will help the UK to further accelerate the development of the sector.”

The UK has long been a leading fintech hub but the government is looking to ensure that the sector continues to flourish post-Brexit.