Is Snapchat turning things around?  In the final quarter of 2017 it was reported that it was beating Wall street expectations for the first time.

However, as Snapchat roll out its new update across the UK, the response has been overwhelmingly negative.

Snapchats big redesign is set to reach all users during the first quarter of 2018.  It has been delayed from being full rolled out because of poor reception in the UK, Australia and Canada.  Among the first users, 83% of app store reviews were negative, citing a confusing interface, ads mixed into the message inbox via Stories and people who don’t follow you getting pushed into the Discover section.

Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel said, “it will take time for our 5 community to get used to the changes”.  He did say, however, that publisher Stories on Discover grew 40% with the new design compared to the old design and core metrics are disproportionately for users older than 35, showing the navigation simplification may be a success.

In the UK, meanwhile, Snapchat users have taken to social media to complain about the changes, with users branding the software “annoying” and “dumb.”

The new update redesigns the Stories page, which showcases photos and videos from friends, as well as content from professional publishers. These ephemeral stories appear for 24 hours before they are permanently deleted from the messenger and Snapchat has dropped its dedicated Stories page – dropping the content amongst private messages in a single feed.

Spiegel has explained that improvement to Snapchats android app performance boosted retention by nearly 20% compared to a year ago. Snapchat is also working with wireless providers and carriers to reduce the costs, via data discounting programmes, to its users.

Facing an onslaught of competition from Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp, Snapchat is racing to release new features to keep users loyal.  It launched ‘Bitmoji 3D world lenses’ where your personalised avatar dances in your Snaps and an augmented reality platform for geolocated art.  In the first six weeks after it was launched the new ‘Lens Studio’ feature for creating AR experience saw 30,000 Lenses created.

Snapchat is continuing to find ways to become indispensable to its users in the face of Instagram’s’ convenience by entrenching itself as a teenage messaging app and appealing to those who grew up on Facebook and it seems ‘Wall Street’ for one likes the new moves.