Our approach to returns

We have a full and transparent returns policy designed with your ROI and sanity in mind.

There is no maximum return limits and we feel that our approach is the fairest in the market.

We work extremely hard to ensure that we provide the perfect lead. Before a buyer even receives a lead we have conducted live testing of the phone line and email address as well as well as analysis of over 100 different data points such as IP address, geo location, device analysis and much more to make sure the lead doesn’t look fishy.

Even after all that, if the lead is invalid, you won’t be charged for it.

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Our returns process

The process for returning leads is super simple and transparent.

If you think that the lead is invalid you simply upload it to your Koypo dashboard giving the reason. You have 5 days (120 hours) to return the lead. This is an automated process so 120 hrs and 1 second and you won’t be able to return the lead.

We then pass the lead to our quality control team for review. They will attempt to make contact with the lead to verify your return reason. If they can, the lead cost will be credited to your account.

If the quality control team decides that the lead is valid then the return will be rejected and a reason given. You have the ability to appeal all rejected returns. This whole process is completely transparent and managed within your Koypo dashboard.

Pausing campaigns & minimum orders

There are no minimum orders with us. You can buy one lead if you wish.

We generally suggest a few small test batches and then move onto a committed monthly or quarterly volume.

Most of our buyers work with us on monthly or quarterly volumes which is definitely our preference but if you want to buy in batches now and again then we will always try to help. However if you buy 100 leads in week one of January and then come back and need leads for the final week of January there will be no guarantee that we can do that for you. The best way of guaranteeing leads is to design a campaign that fits your needs and budget and we can easily do that for you.

With all campaigns, wether it’s batches of leads or monthly or quarterly commitment then we require a 48hr pause notice. Usually if you ask for a pause we can immediately stop deliveries but we need the 48hr safety net as all of our channels are live lead delivery.


Leads that can be returned:

Name Not Known: If you call a phone number and the person who answers says that they do not know who the name is then this is an invalid lead. We will verify that the lead is the wrong number by contacting the lead. If there are two numbers we require both numbers to have been contacted and both numbers to have the ‘name not known’ response.

Dead Line: If the phone number is called and the line is out of service or has no ring tone. We will verify that the lead is a dead line by calling the number.

Duplicates Lead: Any leads that have been delivered by Koypo in the previous 30 days. We do not run duplicates against your own data base.

Test Lead: Any test leads that have been sent throughout the order. Most test leads will include the word ‘test’ or similar.

Hoax Leads or profanity: If the lead is obviously a fake name such as Joe Bloggs, Micky Mouse or contains profanity. The lead will be deemed as invalid based on the name of the lead and will not be called to decide if the return can be agreed.

Outside of contracted criteria: If the data on the lead is not matched to this contract. This return reason is based purely on the lead data and not on conversations had with customers. i.e. if you receive a lead and the data on the lead clearly shows a loan amount of £1,000 but your contract says £5,000+ loan amount then this is returnable.

Leads that can not be returned:

Non Contact: If you have been unable to get hold of the consumer then we will not return this lead. There are many reasons for a customers being non contact and we work tirelessly to reduce non contacts but there are always some. 

Never Applied: This is incredibly rare but some consumers will say this to your team for a multitude of reasons. All leads are generated in-house so we can be 100% sure of their origin. We will always investigate this sort of response but we don’t return it unless it is a ‘name not known’

Didn’t convert: Whilst we are always striving for perfection we have yet to achieve 100% conversion rates. All campaigns are optimised to your companies individual results to increase conversions but we can confidently say that you will have leads that don’t convert. 

Customer changed their mind: This happens, all be it very rarely. We work very hard to make sure that all consumers that use our websites or iCall services are committed and have the intention of seeking your services. There are lot’s of reasons for a consumer to change their mind after making an enquiry so we can’t return it if it does happen. As with all aspects of our process we monitor this sort of response very carefully and optimise to reduce it happening in the future. 

Customer hung up: There are many many reasons for a customer to hang up and most of them are outside of the control of Koypo so i’m afraid we don’t return for this reason.

Wrong details provided: If a consumer fills in an enquiry form or goes through iCall validation then the information they provide at the initial stage will be considered accurate. All lead distribution is based on the details provided by a consumer. If the consumer states in a form or iCall that they require a loan for £10,000 but it turns out that they only wanted £2,000 once they have spoken with your team and your minimum loan amount was £5,000 then i’m afraid this is not returnable. We have to take all initial information provided by the consumer as gospel.