Koypo says congratulations to the RAF on its centennial anniversary. An amazing achievement over so many years.

As one of the industry leaders in performance marketing we are always pushing the boundaries of creativity, analytics, technology and digital performance marketing. And we run high flying campaigns to bring the very best to our customers.

Another organisation who run high flying campaigns and have been pushing the boundaries in innovation and achievement for a 100 years are the Royal Air Force (RAF) and today they marked those 100 years with the largest flypast over Buckingham Palace ever.

As the Queen presented the Queen’s Colour, in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, she praised the Royal Air Force for its “tenacity, skill and gallantry and its ‘remarkable contribution to defence’ over the last 100 years.  Many of the senior Royals were on the balcony to watch the flypast. And an estimated 65,000-70,000 watchers lining the streets of the mall and central London cheered as the planes went over at 1.00pm today.

It was 100 years ago on April 1st 1918 that the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service merged to create the RAF – the world’s first independent air service.

They have come a long way and we congratulate them. What will the next 100 years bring.?  We can only imagine.