Koypo Launches Its Shiny New Website.


Finally, after months of work and endless ‘site chats’ we have launched the new website, www.koypo.com.


We thought long and hard about what makes a great B2B website.


We put as much effort into koypo.com as we do with all our consumer brands but unlike our B2C websites we don’t get the same level of traffic to koypo.com so it’s tricky to make informed decisions without lots of lovely data to analyse.


Then it occurred to us, ask our business partners. Many of our lead buyers and traffic partners said that they have never really been asked about what they would want or expect to see on a B2B website so it was actually a really interesting exercise. It took us back to the root of what we do, trying to understand how people interact with our brands and websites.


What we found was really interesting.


The main element people wanted to see was business transparency in our content. This got us to thinking about sharing our approach in more detail, what our values are and what we hold most important. So we did, we talk about us, our products and how they will work out there in the wild and perhaps most importantly, our returns policy and campaign management.


Another key factor was ease of contact. The bigger a company gets, the harder it is for both new and current business partners to get through to the right person fast, so we have really simplified the process with comprehensive contact info and equally as important, slick login flows.


On the buyer side, compliance really came into play. That’s why we have added a consumer section to make sure that any consumers interacting with our brands knows all of our procedures and legal stuff. All of this information is available on each of our B2C brands too but we have found that over time consumers have increasingly wanted to connect directly with the marketing company and we have really put thought and effort into making this as simple as possible.


Finally, and this surprised us a little, firms wanted to see that we have an eye on the future. We really struggled with how we were going to deliver this but in the end we went old school. A simple blog that let’s the content do the talking. We want people we do business with to know that we are full immersed in the world around us, whether that’s tech, new marketing channels, compliance, the wider economy, new opportunities and the list goes on. So, we are going to write about our findings. Sure, this may reduce our competitive edge a little but we thing the confidence it will instil in our business partners is more valuable.


So, enjoy the new site and we would like to hear your feedback so feel free to drop us an email: feedback@koypo.com