Not a Hotkey

This is not dialler agents hammering through data to find and persuade a customer to talk with your team.


Apart from the hotkey process being vulnerable to call centre agents cutting corners it is increasingly a compliance nightmare. Hotkeys are the past.

iCall is the future. This is a customer going online, learning about your product and then the customer picks up the phone and makes the call to your team, wanting to know more about your product.

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No spillage

Tracking calls can be a messy business, where have they come from, who did they go to, is it a decent lead?


iCall takes care of all that for you. You will have access to your own dedicated dashboard which will show you when the call came in and how long it lasted for. This will then allow our optimisation team to find out which iCalls are working best for your team and make sure that you are getting as many of them as possible.

We can even make sure that you are only getting iCalls at your preferred time of the day.


Pre filtered to your criteria

Inbound customers who have prequalified themselves and fit your ideal profile.


Typically, if a customer goes onto your website and calls your team you really have no idea if that customer is going to fit your requirements until you have spoken with them. Generally that’s not a problem because you haven’t paid for that call to come in.

If you have paid for that customer call and they don’t fit your criteria then it is a problem. Guess what iCall does. Yep, filters the customers that are calling in to make sure that they fit your criteria.

Our dynamic filtering process ensures that the customers meets your requirements before they are connected with your team

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Only pay for genuine customers

If you are paying for inbound calls then we imagine you will want to make sure that they are committed clients.


We can do this via our iCall platform. Together we will decide what is a reasonable amount of time for a customer to be on the phone before they are charged as an iCall lead.

If a customer is off the phone in 30 seconds it’s fair to say that they aren’t really interested in your product and you won’t have to pay for that iCall. Pretty simple really.