10 High volume

High volume

A cheaper, higher volume alternative to online customer acquisition and iCall.

We take historical data, analyse over 100 different data points to understand customer intent allowing us to find a collection of consumers that would want to hear from you and hear about your product.

If you have a large team that requires considerable volume beyond what you would receive via a dedicated online acquisition campaign then eProfile will do the trick.

Profiled to find your perfect customers

We are able to acquire a lot of information from eProfile leads.

Campaigns typically have the ability to target age, gender, postcodes, income and much more, we could even drill down to what newspaper the customer reads.We combine this with your specific product criteria, brand logo and perhaps even some company info and then we pour it on.

tech sector

Full and fair returns policy

Because there is nothing worse than paying for leads that never stood a chance.

We put a huge amount of effort into making sure that you will be able to speak with every lead we send to you but some leads will come with invalid contact details.

If you find leads that have invalid contact details then you won’t have to pay for them ever.

Transferred live

We all know how important it is to contact a customer as quickly as possible to capitalise on their product intent.


With eProfile leads we have multiple delivery methods such as API or email and you can even download your leads from your dedicated Koypo platform so you can be talking with your customers immediately.