Tried, tested and always performing

Amazing onsite conversions:

Our onsite click to lead conversions are some of the best in the business. Extraordinary amounts of effort go into optimising our websites performance. Click to lead conversions vary from product to product but across our portfolio we average over 18% onsite conversion and we have campaigns converting at over 40%.

Transparency & live reporting: 

It’s important to us and we know how important this is to our partners. We hide nothing from you. You have live, fully transparent reporting. The moment a lead is generated you can see it in your dedicated Koypo dashboard. That’s on top of any tracking pixels and or success page code you want to place. No getting to the end of the month and finding a horror show has occurred.

Exclusive campaigns & offers: 

We own our websites. If you drive traffic to our portfolio then you know that you will be getting 100% of the payout’s and you can work directly with us to ensure the best performance of all campaigns. If we do run a campaign that is not one of our websites then it is always exclusive to us and you will not be able to get that campaign anywhere else.

Beautiful web properties:

We all know how important great looking websites and advert creatives are to conversions. We like to think we are pretty good at creating lovely websites and creative adverts but we also recognise that the people we work with are industry experts and know what works. If you think there are elements that we could do better and improvements that can be made we always want to hear about them. We welcome your input and are always happy to test, optimise and ultimately improve websites & creative’s.

Account management: 

Affiliate partnerships are vital to the success of Koypo.

If you partner with us you will have a dedicated account manager who knows our campaigns inside and out and they can work closely with you to make sure that your traffic is given the attention and love it deserves. We also throw some pretty good ‘campaign review’ lunches.  

Loads of historic data: 

We are tried and tested.

All of our campaigns have historic data which means there is far less guess work. Together we can make a fairly accurate predication of the sort of earnings you could achieve by working with us. We examine the customer profiles of leads coming in so we know exactly what the perfect customer looks like which means you can find out if those are the kind of customers you have access to without needing to test any traffic.

Inhouse campaigns
£ 5.50
Earnings Per Click
Leads Generated Daily
A/B Tested Landing Pages
+ 1000
Succesful Affiliate Relationships
% 40
Landing Page Conversions
Awesome Tracking Platform
% 100