We have skin in the game

We use our own network. What better assurance would you need than the company selling you something uses it themselves.

We have spent years building up a network of amazing traffic partners that we use, every day to drive traffic to our own websites. We also have in house teams of PPC, native, display and programatic experts who, you guest it, drive traffic to our websites and other partners.

We are constantly monitoring our network to ensure performance and compliance is at it’s maximum which means that the ‘test’ phase often described by other networks is already done.

We are a performance network. No management fees

We don’t charge fee’s because we don’t need to, we are good at what we do. Pure performance, only pay for results. 

From the very beginning we knew it only makes sense to charge for results. Most agencies will charge a monthly management fee no matter how your campaign performs. Not us.

We get an understanding of what your cost per acquisition is and we work to that. If you don’t achieve it, we don’t get paid. Seems fair to us.

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investment boost.

Awesome tech

We have developed a process and associated tech that gets the very best out of any marketing budget.

Every bit of tech that we use has a place in campaign development. We use it in our own in-house campaigns to make sure that they are as profitable, transparent and consistent as possible.

We analyse over 150 data points for every purchase or lead to find the marginal gains required to turn an ok campaign into an amazing campaign. 

Dedicated account management

At the very heart of what we do is hands on communication and joint strategy. 

We don’t just fire and forget at Koypo. We take a long term view on every campaign. To get the very best results we need to see into the future and the only way that this can be done is having a dedicated account manager and back up team working tirelessly on your campaign. 

Your account management team will work on everything from landing page optimisation to data analytics to performance monitoring and optimising and much much more. And yes, you have their phone number.

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